Mission Statement

The mission of Marketer’s Empire is to create a community of success minded individuals and to empower them to achieve their financial goals. We seek to become the one and only Internet marketing partner of our members and measure their success through exponentially increasing income via the tools, tactics and information we provide. We are committed to creating a rewarding and constantly evolving environment in which we achieve life-changing, wealth-building results.

Vision Statement

At Marketer’s Empire, our vision is to be the best Internet marketing resource company worldwide. We expect and demand the best we have to offer by always holding steadfast to our mission to create a rewarding and constantly evolving environment in which we help others to achieve life-changing, wealth-building results.

About the founder

As an Internet marketer, Daniel Reitz is driven to deliver the tools, tactics, and information you need to make real income online.  His is not some overnight-millionaire story and he wasn't born into money.  He has earned his stripes and wants to make your road to wealth easier. 

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and an Associate’s Degree in Visual Communications and Graphic Design, Daniel has immersed himself in effective marketing strategies.  Also a Navy veteran, you can rest assured he comes armed with the tenacity and integrity to accomplish any mission, including your absolute success.  And his ongoing work with veterans translates to integrity and compassion to help people achieve the lives they deserve and reach their fullest potential. 

To sum it up, Daniel has created an ever-evolving platform of Internet savvy, backed by an incredible mind and unshakable values.  What that means to you is a solid foundation for building your ideal life by creating the income you have only dreamed of.

Originally from the Central Valley, Daniel makes his home in the Bay Area of California.  He looks forward to connecting with you and hearing your success story.